Take Back Your Yard

Schedule an appointment for mosquito control in Brentwood, CA

Mosquitos are annoying. Their bites are itchy. They spread disease. And, worst of all, their swarms keep you indoors when the weather is nicest.

Not anymore. Delta Pest Services is here to help you take control of your yard once and for all. Our mosquito control service will make your property a mosquito-free zone. Trust our team to treat your shrubs and grasses, as well as identifying potential breeding grounds.

Learn more about residential and commercial mosquito control in the Brentwood, CA area by calling 925-550-9887 now.

Fly control is more important than you think

Think flies aren't a big deal? Think again. Flies bring...

  • Annoyance: The top reason people hate flies is that they buzz around, getting into everyone's business.
  • Filth: Have you noticed brown dots showing up all over your kitchen? Those fly specks are actually fly waste.
  • Illness: Penn State University shows that flies can carry as many as 65 diseases, including cholera, anthrax and leprosy.

Trust the team at Delta Pest Services to knock down your fly population and keep it from coming back. Set up a fly control appointment in Brentwood, California or the surrounding area today.