Sick of Pests? Call Delta Pest Services for Help.

Fast and effective pest control in Brentwood, CA

Mosquitos, flies, rodents, termites and bats all carry potentially deadly diseases. They can also invade your yard and home, exposing you and your family to illnesses. Don't take any unnecessary risks. Instead, call Delta Pest Services for professional pest control.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment options, including check, cash, credit or debit. You can also ask about financing for rodent, pigeon and bedbug services.

Learn more about how mosquito treatment works in the Brentwood, CA area by calling 925-550-9887 now. We also offer termite treatment plans and pest control inspections

Maintain a pest-free residence

Turn to Delta Pest Services for a range of pest control services, such as:

Pest prevention: Keep birds, bats and rodents out of your home.
Mosquito treatment: Stop mosquito populations from getting too large.
Pest control contracts: Get year-round preventive pest services.

You can also depend on Delta Pest Services to trap small wildlife, such as skunks and opossums. Arrange for pest control in Brentwood, California today.

Stop pest invasions before they start

It's easier to keep pests out than it is to track them down and remove them.

If a rat can fit its head through a space, it can squeeze its entire body through. So how can you keep them out of your house? Delta Pest Services offers professional rodent proofing services. We'll secure all of your home's weak points to deter these tricky pests.

Bird proofing prevents birds from roosting beneath your home or in your attic. You can also count on us to bird proof any commercial properties in the Brentwood, CA area. Bird proofing involves installing nets and screens around popular bird roosting spots.